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Under the hood, the car still looks pretty good. After 26 years.



This is a shot of her inside, taken out at 2002 haus's o

utside, early July



This is some pictures of my 2002. She is a 1975 Polaris, with steel wheels, that have some decent tires on it, not sure what kind though, let.

The body is 99.9% rust free, only some rust where the water has run down in hte back of the trunk. (see left)

I have the steel wheels on right now, i have some turbins, and some BBS lookalike, when i get my Yokohoma AVS inter. I will probly sell or give away the turbins. I also want to paint the steely's black, like the turbo steel wheels looked like.

I also received a free set of tires from one the fellow KC 2002 owners, some Hercules H/P 4000. Thanks Steve!!