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A shot of her on the side, with a little missing trim right in front of the bumber



This is a shot of her inside, taken out at 2002 haus's o

The only major part that is wrong on its outside is the part right above the front left fender.


utside, early July



This is some pictures of my 2002. She is a 1975 Polaris, with steel wheels, that have some decent tires on it, not sure what kind though, let.

The body is 99.9% rust free, only some rust where the water has run down in hte back of the trunk. (see left)

I have the steel wheels on right now, i have some turbins, and some BBS lookalike, when i get my Yokohoma AVS inter. I will probly sell or give away the turbins. I also want to paint the steely's black, like the turbo steel wheels looked like.

I also received a free set of tires from one the fellow KC 2002 owners, some Hercules H/P 4000. Thanks Steve!!


The only real rust in the car, just a little.